Floral Frock




According to the fashion mags, floral is the trend this spring and summer. While I would love to say I made this dress to be on trend, truth of the matter is that I cut this out almost two years ago but I was extremely intimidated to start this pattern a second time! The first time I attempted this project about 4 years ago, it turned into an epic fail! I was an over ambitious newbie to the sewing world. Being ambitious is usually a good thing but knowing your limitations is also a good thing!

The pattern itself was not so bad, my problem was choosing a silky fabric! It was a beautiful fabric, the operative word being WAS! See for yourself… Cuz this is all that’s left of it!

Obviously I’m still mourning the loss! But alas, I can covet a new and improved treasure that’s actually wearable!

This fabric is a stretch cotton floral that I manipulated to get this layout. The dark blue waistband was actually the bottom border. I thought it would be visually appealing and would break up the white bodice and top of the skirt.




I was able to place the floral scraps just enough to get the print on the front of the sleeve cap only. It took every inch of fabric to get this layout.

I am beyond pleased with the way it turned out! I omitted the pockets on this version remembering I got all kinds of corn-fused the first time around! I also reduced the width of the skirt cuz all that fabric just wasn’t flattering on me! Suzy Chin is back on my good list, I’m sure she’s pleased!


Ralph Chado Rucci


It’s done finally! My extremely long Vogue Ralph Chado Rucci project! I was so hesitant about starting this project for fear of botching it up! Then Erica B. published her detailed, instructional review! http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/readreview.pl?readreview=1&reviewnum=82705. Because of her thoughtful review, I knew the alterations I needed to make. For instance, I didn’t want the neck slit as revealing as what was shown on the pattern so I reduced the slit but obviously not enough! Darn it! Oh well, I’ll just have to buy a matching camisole. Also, I needed to lengthen the skirt to a respectable length for my 5’7″ frame. I added 1 1/2 inches to the waist, then adjusted all my markings. And I had no intentions of making the pockets but I got a little confused on how to bypass that part of the directions, so as an afterthought, I added them. I read scientific protocols for a living but couldn’t figure out how to bypass the pattern instructions- go figure! Anywho, I probably should have raised the pockets up a tad bit more. The fabric used is a pale pink ponte knit which sewed nicely. And since I was using knit, I used stabilizer on the ties to prevent stretching. I have to admit that I didn’t even know what a gusset was before this project but I really like this detail. Gives it high style factor! Also, I had never made bias binding prior to this project. When I’m walking, that little detail adds sex appeal. Overall, I love the way it turned out! This was the most thoughtful project I’ve ever worked on aside from the Burda Odysee http://wp.me/a2dcK6-9L. Careful consideration had to be taken, after all, there were 75 instructions to complete which was a confidence booster in itself! Even my husband, the ultimate critic was impressed by my skills which was enough to make me do the happy dance!



Color Blocked Frock



Although, I made this dress last fall, I hadn’t gotten around to writing the review. This has become one of my favorite dresses. It’s stock went up again when I saw this photo of Tia Mowry wearing a similar print!


But back to me..I love the A-line shape. It’s fun, flirty and I love the graphic print fabric.


This pattern was not a must have but I absolutely love it in the color block style. Thankfully, it didn’t need much tweaking and the panels made it easy to do the color blocking. I was fortunate enough to find the print at Habermans last year, then when I figured out how I wanted to use it, I found the solid. I think the mash up turned out well! Although, I like to think I’ll make it again because I love this silhouette, I have so many other patterns I’m looking forward to sewing but who knows!


I made the necklace back in January and have since gotten lots of interest for orders but my sewing sweat shop never closes so I’m having a hard time trying to find the time to make jewelry! It’s good to know that even the lure of money doesn’t deter me from my sewing goals!