Floral Frock




According to the fashion mags, floral is the trend this spring and summer. While I would love to say I made this dress to be on trend, truth of the matter is that I cut this out almost two years ago but I was extremely intimidated to start this pattern a second time! The first time I attempted this project about 4 years ago, it turned into an epic fail! I was an over ambitious newbie to the sewing world. Being ambitious is usually a good thing but knowing your limitations is also a good thing!

The pattern itself was not so bad, my problem was choosing a silky fabric! It was a beautiful fabric, the operative word being WAS! See for yourself… Cuz this is all that’s left of it!

Obviously I’m still mourning the loss! But alas, I can covet a new and improved treasure that’s actually wearable!

This fabric is a stretch cotton floral that I manipulated to get this layout. The dark blue waistband was actually the bottom border. I thought it would be visually appealing and would break up the white bodice and top of the skirt.




I was able to place the floral scraps just enough to get the print on the front of the sleeve cap only. It took every inch of fabric to get this layout.

I am beyond pleased with the way it turned out! I omitted the pockets on this version remembering I got all kinds of corn-fused the first time around! I also reduced the width of the skirt cuz all that fabric just wasn’t flattering on me! Suzy Chin is back on my good list, I’m sure she’s pleased!


4 thoughts on “Floral Frock

  1. Beautiful dress and the it looks great on you.

  2. Oh, I love this fabric! And sorry about te loss of your other fabric too! I agree, this dress should help you get over it quick!

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