Color Blocked Frock



Although, I made this dress last fall, I hadn’t gotten around to writing the review. This has become one of my favorite dresses. It’s stock went up again when I saw this photo of Tia Mowry wearing a similar print!


But back to me..I love the A-line shape. It’s fun, flirty and I love the graphic print fabric.


This pattern was not a must have but I absolutely love it in the color block style. Thankfully, it didn’t need much tweaking and the panels made it easy to do the color blocking. I was fortunate enough to find the print at Habermans last year, then when I figured out how I wanted to use it, I found the solid. I think the mash up turned out well! Although, I like to think I’ll make it again because I love this silhouette, I have so many other patterns I’m looking forward to sewing but who knows!


I made the necklace back in January and have since gotten lots of interest for orders but my sewing sweat shop never closes so I’m having a hard time trying to find the time to make jewelry! It’s good to know that even the lure of money doesn’t deter me from my sewing goals!


2 thoughts on “Color Blocked Frock

  1. Sharp- I really like this alot!

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