Fabric Store Groupie

 Is there a clinical diagnosis for people like me (and probably you too if you’re reading this post!) that spend too much time in the fabric store?  I am compelled to visit the fabric store at least once a week.  If the fabric store was a band, I’d be considered a groupie!  Swooning over the rock star hoping to catch his eye.  Well, in this case, the fabric is the rock star that I get to take home again and again and again!  My fabric stash is getting outrageous!  I can’t sew fast enough to use my lovely finds.  My mother who has been sewing for nearly 50 years, has very little in her stash so she shops out of mine!  She’s a project shopper, buying mostly when she has a project in mind.  We are definitely polar opposites! 

I need to curtail my groupism for a while since the sewing expo is coming at the end of the month where I’ll be in full groupie mode!  Afterall, 3 years ago, the expo is where I discovered the PR community, bought Deepika’s book and really, really fell in love with all things sewing!

The challenge for me is how to organize my stash so I’l know what I have. Right now, all my fabric is kept in a storage container. When I need to retrieve anything, it’s like dumpster diving! And very time consuming!    


 In my online research, I found that there are many articles on this very topic!  The consensus is that using comic book boards or cardboard to fold your fabric around is the best way to store it.  It transforms the fabric into a fabric library!  http://www.everythingetsy.com/2012/05/lots-of-fabric-storage-ideas-organize-it/

                   fabric storage                                                                           

Sounded good to me until I read another board that said it’s not a good idea to fold the fabric because after a long period, the fabric becomes brittle at the fold.  So, my search continued. 

Other sewists comments suggested rolling the fabric, preferrably on tubes or bolts collected from the fabric store. 

Cathe Holden from http://justsomethingimade.com/2009/07/organizing-fabric-remnants/ offers these pretty label downloads for free.  This is the method I plan to use (minus the trunk!).  So the tube collecting begins.


Newest Old Edition To The Family

 A few months ago, during a conversation with Mr. Bill, my sewing machine repairman, I mentioned that I wanted to purchase another sewing machine but didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  Mr. Bill is the most wonderful, kind-spirited 70+ year man you’ll ever meet.  He’s been repairing sewing machines for at least 50 years.  I met him when I purchased my current machine 3 years ago which I bought for a whole $4.50 from the Salvation Army.  It was only missing the plug and even came with a nice vinyl carrying case -SCORE!  Mr. Bill, who I found online, attached the plug, gave it a thorough cleaning and threw in a whole box of attachments -all for $60 bucks!  And a beautiful relationship was formed!

Anyway, back to the next pending purchase.  Mr. Bill asked me what my price range was.  Well, considering my first 2 machines (Singers) were bought at the Salvation Army for under $40.00, I figured I’d splurge and spend up to $30.00 for the next one.  No problem he said.  A few days later when I arrived to pick up the machine, my first reaction was “dang that’s old!”. 

Monkey Wards brand

It’s a Montgomery Wards (or monkey wards as my mother used to call them!) brand.   I didn’t even know how to thread it!  Fortunately, my main machine was working fine so there was no need to use it.  That is, until last week when the stitch length dial broke.  With lots of apprehension and a lession on how to thread the relic from Mr. Bill,  I gave the Monkey Wards machine a try.  It took some getting used to but boy does it sew!



It has 27 stitch patterns. Side arms that swing out to expose the free arm. Compartments within the side arms for needle and bobbin storage and all metal parts which Mr. Bill says are better and last longer than the newer machines. And best of all- it comes with a generous and wonderful repairman who’s number is on speed dial! THANK YOU MR. BILL!

The Wonderful Mr. Bill

Lazy Blogger Award

I should get an award for being the laziest blogger! I truly didn’t plan on not posting 1 ½ months late. It’s not like I haven’t been sewing. Where did the time go anyway! I have such respect for bloggers that post daily or even weekly and have interesting things to blog about. How did Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City do it (I really miss that show!). I’d love to know other bloggers process. Where is Carrie when you need her??

This has been the season of the maxi dress for me. I just can’t get enough of them. Although I’ve bought several maxi patterns, I seem to be stuck on M6559 and S3503.

Simplicity 3503 view A

Like most things I make, the 2nd version turns out better than the first. I finally got around to making MimiG’s patternless maxi. Her tutorial is excellent (afterall, it’s MimiG!) Any beginner could make this following her instructions. I know I’ll be making more of these. Thanks Mimi G!

MimiG’s self drafted maxi