Time Away

Sooo much has happened since my last post! Last August, we suffered the worst flood ever (for me anyway!) in our region! I arrived home from work to find my entire basement underwater! The same basement where my sewing studio resided! My first instinct was to run downstairs in calf deep water to try to salvage what I could, that was until my husband who was out of town and on the phone with my son, screamed for me to get out of the water which could have been electrically charged! For once, I followed his instructions! All I could do was stand at the top of the stairs and watch some of our belongings float by! Days later, we went downstairs to assess the damage and begin the clean up! In addition to losing furniture, clothing, stored purses and shoes (oh, the pain), I lost my back up sewing machine, fabric (because my storage container was cracked), lots of supplies and ALL of my sewing books! And for anyone thinking that I must be the worst housekeeper, no I don’t generally keep everything on the floor; however, I had packed up a lot of stuff because we had recently bought a house and were preparing to move. Everything had to go because the water was coming up thru the drains! Yuck!!



The silver lining in all this was that we had insurance and we were moving into a new home soon which is what helped to maintain my sanity!


Wearable Wednesday Christopher Kane

Your post never disappoint!

Pretty Grievances

Fashions deadliest assassin- code name: Ribbon Candy!


A design brought to you by the Home Insulation Council- reminding you to only look for recycled materials in your attic insulation planning!


Shut up! My Grandmother made it! It matches the one the spare roll is wearing!

Thelma was getting to be such a bore at parties- she was totally obsessed with pictionary…..


This makes a better vacuum cleaner bag than a dress…did you scope the hoof covers yet?


Ardella is very concerned about whether or not the place she put her keys was really a pocket….


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Lazy Blogger Award

I should get an award for being the laziest blogger! I truly didn’t plan on not posting 1 ½ months late. It’s not like I haven’t been sewing. Where did the time go anyway! I have such respect for bloggers that post daily or even weekly and have interesting things to blog about. How did Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City do it (I really miss that show!). I’d love to know other bloggers process. Where is Carrie when you need her??

This has been the season of the maxi dress for me. I just can’t get enough of them. Although I’ve bought several maxi patterns, I seem to be stuck on M6559 and S3503.

Simplicity 3503 view A

Like most things I make, the 2nd version turns out better than the first. I finally got around to making MimiG’s patternless maxi. Her tutorial is excellent (afterall, it’s MimiG!) Any beginner could make this following her instructions. I know I’ll be making more of these. Thanks Mimi G!

MimiG’s self drafted maxi

And Sew It Begins

I guess the best place to start is where all the magic happens – my favorite part of the house – my sanctuary – my workroom!  You get the idea!  I love this space.  It’s all mine.  No sharing with the kids or husband.  It’s where I go to de-stress, to create, to blog.

Here, you’ll find my jewelry making tools and supplies that have taken a back seat to all things sewing.  A healthy supply of fabric and patterns.Or as my husband likes to call it-all my crap! You be the judge!

work table and storage cabinet

jewelry and sewing supplies