The stepchild pattern




My beautiful fabric has been manipulated and damn near tortured in ways that even the designer couldn’t have fathomed! All because of a wayward, confusing heap of tissue paper and words strewn on tissue paper! Man o man, words don’t do justice for the dislike I have for this pattern! Just looking at the pattern illustration, you wouldn’t know of the trouble that lies ahead! Well, the fact that it had only been reviewed once on Pattern Review should have been my clue! To make matters worse, this was a 2nd view of the pattern which I thought would be easier but I had the same issues. And since the first view was made a year ago and I made NO notes on the pattern, I ran into the same roadblocks and some new ones!

There’s a lining and a facing and the instructions were sooo confusing to me that I ended up sewing the facing differently on each garment.

On this view, the facing is sewn between the lining and the silk fashion fabric but not intentionally. If memory serves me correctly, I think I sewed it on the wrong side of the lining and had to flip it.


Here, the facing is on the outside of the lining.


Another problem with this pattern was getting the fit right. How do you check the fit before inserting the zipper?? I didn’t want to risk continuously basting the zipper because my fabric snagged so easily! So one is too large. The other could have been a little looser. Even though the results were polar opposite BOTH have puckering zippers! REALLY?? Somebody, please tell me where I went wrong!!

I love the design but I am so done with this pattern! Thankfully, both tops are wearable but I’m somewhat disappointed because of the exhausting process of making them!





Self Drafted Maxi

Well, it’s that wonderful time of year again to pull out the summery outfits from storage and make new ones too! And what would summertime be without a maxi dress or two? Well, okay I made six maxi dresses last year but who’s counting?? This season, I’m off to a slow start having only made one, so far! It’s wonderful to find a fabric that you know exactly how you want to showcase it! Like this knit I picked up from Habermans.


It’s very graphic and supple and vibrant and and I can’t think of any other adjectives to describe how much I adore this fabric!


I used Mimi G’s amazing tutorial ( for the second time). No dislikes there obviously since this is my 2nd version!

20130710-233433.jpg first version

Both are in heavy rotation! Well, on to he next project! So many projects, so little time!