Kimono Self Draft

I purchased this beautiful lightweight silky, almost sheer knit goodness a last year from my local fabric store ( aka enabler). I had no idea (as usual) what I was going to do with it, but knew I just had to have it! It screams summer to me with all the pretty colors! I would take it out of my stash every so often to fondle it. Then yesterday, while I was doing just that, it finally spoke to me, no demanded that I allow it to flow like the breeze, be one with nature! In other words, it wanted to become a kimono! I love when my fabric makes demands! A kimono was the perfect choice! It showcases the print of the fabric beautifully and dresses up anything underneath because truly, who’s looking at the undergarments (not literally) when your wearing something so pretty??

I wore it belted today for a different look which I liked because the fabric is so silky that I find myself constantly pulling it up on my shoulders so the belt saved me some serious aggravation!