Palazzo flow

I had been on the hunt for some interesting fabric to make some palazzo pants and of course, Habermans was reading my mind again! How do they know to have exactly what I need on my weekly visits?? I found this beautiful, multicolored jersey knit that was screaming to be made into palazzo pants! I used McCalls 6571, which is a one piece pattern! It doesn’t get much easier than that! The only design change I made was that I used a 1 1/2 inch elastic in the waistband instead of the 1/4 inch suggested. This was mainly to raise the crotch which was practically at knee level! And since I have a few color options, I made an orange top and a white top to maximize my wearing enjoyment although, the white top is not shown here.

Although I love my summer dresses, I will definitely be making more palazzo pants with this easy pattern!






Wearable Wednesday Christopher Kane

Your post never disappoint!

Pretty Grievances

Fashions deadliest assassin- code name: Ribbon Candy!


A design brought to you by the Home Insulation Council- reminding you to only look for recycled materials in your attic insulation planning!


Shut up! My Grandmother made it! It matches the one the spare roll is wearing!

Thelma was getting to be such a bore at parties- she was totally obsessed with pictionary…..


This makes a better vacuum cleaner bag than a dress…did you scope the hoof covers yet?


Ardella is very concerned about whether or not the place she put her keys was really a pocket….


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Burda Lovin


Well, I am in love with my latest completed project (insert Cheshire Cat grin). To think, it all started with a downloadable (DL) Burda sleeveless waistcoat pattern! And since Burda DL’s don’t include seam allowance, I thought it wise to make a wearable muslin first! After a little tweaking of the muslin, I was ready to dive into the gorgeous faux shirling I bought at Joann Fabrics with my 60% off coupon! The total coupon price for 2 1/2 yards was $22.00! There’s just something magical about fabric, sewing and coupons! Said like the true addict I am!
So let’s start with the muslin. The fashion fabric used from my stash was from Walmart for a mere $1.00 per yard! Didn’t need a coupon for that! The fabric is a sturdy denim that probably is more upholstery than fashion but it worked wonderfully for this project and if it failed (not I, but it), I would have only lost $2.50 of the $4.00 paid for 4 yards! Piece of cake! The fabric used for the sleeves was also purchased from Walmart for a $1.00/yd. it’s the most awful mystery knit I’ve ever used but perfect for sleeves! Awful because it kept breaking my thread even after many tension adjustments. image
The real star is the faux shirling coat! Since I can’t do much with a sleeveless waistcoat, especially with the winter we’ve had in Michigan, I paired it with upcycled leather sleeves that were originally skirts I purchased from the Salvation Army for less than $10 bucks total!
I originally wanted to go with an animal print lining, but found this instead in the clearance section of my favorite fabric store Habermans for $4.98/yd.



Since the neckline is wider than an average coat, I made a fleece infinity scarf/hood which allowed me to get some animal print in!

And since I had the entire top half of the tan leather skirt leftover, I made a purse with animal print lining!image


I left the skirt zipper and fashioned it into a pocket to keep my cell phone or keys.


For those still reading this rather lengthy post, I say thank you! Now off to continue admiring my handy work!

The Jungle January Anniversary

Although I’ve been MIA for a bit, I couldn’t let January pass without unleashing my offering to the jungle January fever over at Pretty Grievances! I and apparently many others, had a blast last year with makes ranging from feathery foul to slithery snakes and everything in between! So in honor of the everything in between, this fabric is a mashup of snakeskin and leopard print. Hey, i’m sure there’s an animal out there somewhere that looks like this! Gotta love nature!

I wanted a pattern that would show it off in all it’s glory so I chose New Look 6803 view D.




Thanks Pretty Grievances for allowing the animals to strut our stuff once again!

The stepchild pattern




My beautiful fabric has been manipulated and damn near tortured in ways that even the designer couldn’t have fathomed! All because of a wayward, confusing heap of tissue paper and words strewn on tissue paper! Man o man, words don’t do justice for the dislike I have for this pattern! Just looking at the pattern illustration, you wouldn’t know of the trouble that lies ahead! Well, the fact that it had only been reviewed once on Pattern Review should have been my clue! To make matters worse, this was a 2nd view of the pattern which I thought would be easier but I had the same issues. And since the first view was made a year ago and I made NO notes on the pattern, I ran into the same roadblocks and some new ones!

There’s a lining and a facing and the instructions were sooo confusing to me that I ended up sewing the facing differently on each garment.

On this view, the facing is sewn between the lining and the silk fashion fabric but not intentionally. If memory serves me correctly, I think I sewed it on the wrong side of the lining and had to flip it.


Here, the facing is on the outside of the lining.


Another problem with this pattern was getting the fit right. How do you check the fit before inserting the zipper?? I didn’t want to risk continuously basting the zipper because my fabric snagged so easily! So one is too large. The other could have been a little looser. Even though the results were polar opposite BOTH have puckering zippers! REALLY?? Somebody, please tell me where I went wrong!!

I love the design but I am so done with this pattern! Thankfully, both tops are wearable but I’m somewhat disappointed because of the exhausting process of making them!




Self Drafted Maxi

Well, it’s that wonderful time of year again to pull out the summery outfits from storage and make new ones too! And what would summertime be without a maxi dress or two? Well, okay I made six maxi dresses last year but who’s counting?? This season, I’m off to a slow start having only made one, so far! It’s wonderful to find a fabric that you know exactly how you want to showcase it! Like this knit I picked up from Habermans.


It’s very graphic and supple and vibrant and and I can’t think of any other adjectives to describe how much I adore this fabric!


I used Mimi G’s amazing tutorial ( for the second time). No dislikes there obviously since this is my 2nd version!

20130710-233433.jpg first version

Both are in heavy rotation! Well, on to he next project! So many projects, so little time!


During the Memorial Day weekend, I went scrap diving thru my growing pile-o-sraps that my hubby wonders why I cant seem to get rid of! My response is always the same, although laced with some irritation… you see trash, I see fashion opportunities! also known as small projects like these two simple summer tops. I knew there was a reason I couldn’t throw away those lovely, psychodelic bits of fabric over the years!

McCalls 6320 view B is perfect for a scrap dig! Just shy of 1 yard to make so you can’t beat that! This is my 2nd time making this top. I especially love this one because of this fabric.


I really love the rhinestone buckle I found at the craft store. Adds a nice touch.


I also made McCalls 6751.


The photo on the jacket is sort of misleading. The model’s top is close-fitting at the waist which I like. My version was not close-fitting at all at the waist. I may tweak it a little to achieve that fit. Also, I used bias binding along the edges instead of doing the fold over method but I think the bias distorts the shape especially the back opening. Next time I’ll try it without the bias.


My scrap heap got lighter by a mere 2 pounds but its a start!