With a Heavy Heart

I’m literally sick to my stomach this evening! I just found out that the beautiful and talented Tamisha Ridge aka Tamisha Glashen, was killed in a domestic violence situation! Although I didn’t start sewing by watching her videos, I did learn a lot of techniques and developed a lot of confidence in drafting my own patterns! She was the reason I really started using Facebook because her’s was the first Facebook sewing group I joined which led to other sewing and purse making groups!

Sewing sounds so trivial to the real story! Domestic violence! She was allegedly killed by someone who used to love her! And killed in front of her 3 beautiful children! How is that love? Although I didn’t know her personally, my heart aches for her, her children, family and every other woman suffering at the hands of their abuser! There’s a FB campaign to wear purple on Friday to honor Meesha! I hope she feels the love and support that she gave so freely to the sewing community! May she rest in peace!



6 thoughts on “With a Heavy Heart

  1. So sad and had been following her youtube channel. May she rest in peace.

  2. Horrible story about a beautiful person. It is so difficult to understand how this could happen in a family home that is meant to be full of love and support. It is unimaginable what this woman and her children had to endure in their daily lives. May heaven redeem what she has suffered.

  3. Yes, this truly is so heartbreaking. I also watched her on youtube and part of her FB group. She was so young and bubbly. I’m going to really miss her creativity and spiritual sisterhood! ;-(

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