The Jungle January Anniversary

Although I’ve been MIA for a bit, I couldn’t let January pass without unleashing my offering to the jungle January fever over at Pretty Grievances! I and apparently many others, had a blast last year with makes ranging from feathery foul to slithery snakes and everything in between! So in honor of the everything in between, this fabric is a mashup of snakeskin and leopard print. Hey, i’m sure there’s an animal out there somewhere that looks like this! Gotta love nature!

I wanted a pattern that would show it off in all it’s glory so I chose New Look 6803 view D.




Thanks Pretty Grievances for allowing the animals to strut our stuff once again!


10 thoughts on “The Jungle January Anniversary

  1. I love this! Its so slinky and gorgeous!

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  3. Love it! You really showcased a lovely fabric

  4. Love. the print and you picked the perfect pattern. Looks great on you.

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