Sandra Betzina Pant Construction Techniques

I finished the Sandra Betzina Pant Construction class a while ago. I’ll start by saying I really like the pattern (Vogue 2948).


The princess seams give the pants a very stylish look.


I’m glad I took the class. It was well worth the money i spent. Maybe it’s just me, but I assumed that I’d follow along with the class instructions which would correspond with the pattern instructions. Well, thats not entirely true for this class! for anyone who may be considering taking this class, review the entire class before starting any steps. In one of the steps, Sandra instructs you to join the seams so I did as instructed assuming that meant the crouch as well. Only to find out later that she shows a different method for sewing the crouch! I guess the next time I use this pattern and there will be a next time, I’ll try her flat method of sewing in the crouch.

I took my measurements according to her chart and graded out at the waist but I ended up having to unpick the waistband and leg seams to reduce by about two sizes! Next time, I’ll cut it smaller then grade out at the waist. My pants are still a little roomier than I like and the waistband could’ve been about an inch smaller.


Sandra’s instructions on attaching the lining were great and she has an interesting analogy for remembering how to attach the hem lining to the top of the fabric hem.


All in all, it was still a great class and I can’t wait to use the pattern again.



2 thoughts on “Sandra Betzina Pant Construction Techniques

  1. Great looking pants! I may just have to take this class in the future…I could use more pants in my wardrobe, but they aren’t my favorite thing to sew LOL

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