Sandra Betzina and Craftsy

I finally started the Craftsy pant construction class taught by Sandra Betzina that I purchased a few months ago. The problem has been resisting the urge to immediately dive into another project that I could complete at a much faster pace! This is one of three Craftsy classes that I’ve purchased. I’ve also signed up for free classes as well! What a genius idea to offer affordable classes that you get to keep and view as often as you like! I was considering taking classes at my local fabric store, but the cost of one class was a little more than the three classes I’ve purchased at Craftsy! Not to mention the fact that I can’t take the class again if I needed to re-review the material. Not without paying anyway!


The class also includes Vogue 2948 designed by Sandra Betzina. According to Sandra, the princess seams offer better fitting opportunities. So far I’ve covered choosing fabric, sizing and pattern prep. One thing I’ve learned so far is how to avoid your waistband from stretching over time by using the interfacing against the grain of the fabric which is opposite what the pattern instructions indicate. Wow! Who knew! Well, I guess experienced sewers probably knew but it was an aha moment for me for sure! Also, she suggests making the muslin waistband first with interfacing and grosgrain ribbon to check the fit. Aha yet again!

Muslin, a necessary evil I know, but it’s sooo hard to spend precious time doing this step! So I compromised by using Walmart mystery fabric that I bought for 1$ a yard.


It’s rather attractive and has a nice weight to it so hopefully, it’ll be a wearable muslin!

The hardest thing about taking a class is to not forge ahead solo which would be counterproductive to taking the class! Looking forward to more aha moments!


5 thoughts on “Sandra Betzina and Craftsy

  1. I know what you mean about powering ahead. It’s worth going slow and learning some tricks. if you get frustrated just sew another project at the same time 🙂

    • Hi sewbusylizzy,
      Unfortunately, I can only sew on the weekends so I have no choice but to take my time but if I get that itch again, I’ll break out my back up machine for a good scratch : ). Thanks for reading

      • Oh I totally understand that! I have two young children and a full-time job so my sewing is in bits and pieces all over the place and never in one big chunk. I try ot look at it as an advantage and just do one step at a time as the opportunity arises!

      • The quality time that you spend sewing definitely shows because your garments always look quite impressive!

  2. Hi
    You look great in your pants!

    I found this class to be exceedingly rambling, and like you was surprised it was not more of a sew-along. She spent an unforgivable amount of time promoting her Vogue patterns and her books.

    I should really have returned it, but she seems like a nice person, which somehow made me hesitate!

    I’m pleased to see that you got some sucess with it!

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