Quality Time with My Significant Other

Sewing for me is like a selfish, needy child that takes up most of my free time! Don’t misunderstand, I love to spend time nurturing my craft child but the problem is, I have another love too and that’s making jewelry which I haven’t been able to do very often since I started sewing! I’m always amazed by other people that can multi task creatively!

The boutique owner who graciously allowed me to display some of my jewelry has asked several times if I’m planning on bringing in more. Even the possibility of making money has not motivated me to turn away from my beloved sewing machine and box-o-fabric!

Well, I’m happy to report that I put my sewing projects aside long enough to create a few jewelry pieces!

Since Pantone chose emerald as the color for 2013, I decided to create a subtle way for me to incorporate emerald into my wardrobe.


Since I don’t see myself running out to buy green shoes,

Not even these!

I plan to use the color for accessories.

By the grace of a good clearance sale, I found this wonderful leather purse a year and a half ago that is right on trend!


This will look great with a nice white outfit or i may even try it with a coral color skirt I made last year.


I’m so glad I got a chance to spend some quality time with my other love! In the words of Michael Buble…and I’m feelin good!


4 thoughts on “Quality Time with My Significant Other

  1. That necklace is gorgeous and cute bag.

  2. Gorgeous necklace. I love the design and the color is just fab!

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