Lazy Blogger Award

I should get an award for being the laziest blogger! I truly didn’t plan on not posting 1 ½ months late. It’s not like I haven’t been sewing. Where did the time go anyway! I have such respect for bloggers that post daily or even weekly and have interesting things to blog about. How did Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City do it (I really miss that show!). I’d love to know other bloggers process. Where is Carrie when you need her??

This has been the season of the maxi dress for me. I just can’t get enough of them. Although I’ve bought several maxi patterns, I seem to be stuck on M6559 and S3503.

Simplicity 3503 view A

Like most things I make, the 2nd version turns out better than the first. I finally got around to making MimiG’s patternless maxi. Her tutorial is excellent (afterall, it’s MimiG!) Any beginner could make this following her instructions. I know I’ll be making more of these. Thanks Mimi G!

MimiG’s self drafted maxi


3 thoughts on “Lazy Blogger Award

  1. Looks lovely. Am in the process of making her maxi skirt. Am a lazy sewer, so still deliberating whether I should run upstairs and start on binding the seam edges. And yes I absolutely miss Sex And The City, one of my all time favourites.

  2. Your outfits are enviably gorgeous, Norie! I adore your choice of fabric. I like the look of your blazer over the giraffe print dress: super chic.

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