Chickening Out

Okay, so I feel like such a fake right now!  I backed away from a challenge!  The wedding I’ve been making jewelry for was on 7/7.  I had every intention of buying a dress but on my weekly trip to the fabric store, I found this fabric at $4.98/yd that I thought was elegant enough to translate into a country club occassion which is where the wedding was held.  I had a pattern in mind and in my stash but needed to look thru the vogue catalog to see how much fabric I needed.  As I’m flipping thru the pages, I see another pattern that I LOVED but of course, wasn’t in my stash.V1289 

Line Art

V1289, a  Pamella Rowland design was way more elegant than the pattern I had in mind. I love the style of the bodice with the single jeweled strap.   With 3 weeks before the wedding, I didn’t dream of making it myself.  I had to call on the Master, my Mom!  I knew she would do it justice.  After all, this was not the time for me to experiment with such an elegant event on the line AND the bridesmaids wearing my jewelry!  No way hose!  My beautiful mother with her amazing skills that I only began to appreciate–well-since I’ve been sewing, did such justice to this dress that I think Pam Rowland herself would be proud!  The pattern suggested a fluid type fabric, like a crepe back satin or matte jersey.  My fabric was a little heavier, maybe even a jacquard but it worked wonderfully!  Gave it a more structured look.  I found shoes at Macy’s that complimented the dress perfectly!  I went with a simple crystal bracelet (made by me, of course!) and diamond earrings  to accentuate the jeweled strap.  I felt like the belle of the ball! 

An interesting tidbit…in doing a little research, I found out the designer, Pamella Rowland, aka Pamella DeVos, is also a Michigander.  She still resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan!  Who knew, an amazing designer right here in Michigan!


7 thoughts on “Chickening Out

  1. Looks great. And the fabric is gorgeous.

  2. Wow! Norie, you look elegant and glamorous in this dress created by mom! True talent runs in the family. I did not notice this pattern until I saw you in the dress.

  3. You’re mother did a fantastic job and you look gorgeous in this dress!

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