A Broken Record

 Okay, so what’s not been said about McCalls 6559!  I can’t think of anything positive that hasn’t been said already so I’m just throwing my 2 cents in.  

Only two pieces stand between you and a great, RTW dress.  It’s a nice easy project to reward yourself with after completing a complicated design!  I actually have to thank my daughter, Jazmin who really picked this pattern so the first one made was hers in the leopard print. 

Not to be outdone, I made the striped one for me!  I could hear my mom’s voice in my head …”don’t get striped fabric, it’s too hard to get the stripes lined up!”  I’m so glad I didn’t listen (not the first time either!) because I love the stripes and think I did an okay job with the chevroning!  You be the judge!


stripes aligned


9 thoughts on “A Broken Record

  1. Wow! You and Jazmin look fun, fine, and fabulous in your stunning maxi dresses! You achieved wonderful results from this basic Simplicity pattern.

  2. This dress looks great on you, and your baby too! I got to get on the bandwagon, 2 pieces!? That’s love,lol.

  3. Two gorgeous dresses! I have this pattern on my radar. I’m partial to the mission maxi but I love that you can just wear a regular bra with this one!

  4. Both you and your daughter look awesome in your dresses! I think this pattern works for everyone and you did great matching the stripes!

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