Murphy’s Law:

So much for the confidence boost I had after making Simplicity 3503 view C. That quickly went out the window while attempting to make view E two weeks before vacation. Two weeks would have been ample time to complete this dress had it not been for Murphy’s Law. Since I only get to sew on the weekends, 2 weeks equals 4 to 6 days of sewing for me. That’s still a lot of time to make one dress! Things were going swimmingly until I got to the neck band. For the life of me, I just couldn’t figure out how to make the band and facing lay flat without it looking like I had a third boob! I must have taken it apart 5 times until the light bulb finally went off. Either that or I had a Tim Gunn “Make it work” moment. I still don’t know if it’s right according to the instructions! Whatever! I need to learn to rely on common sense more often than the instructions anyway! Although, my ideal goal is to always make the inside of a garment look as pretty as the outside (yeah right! If I’m lucky, that happens about 75%!), this one has some flaws!


Got thru that hurdle finally, but that only left me one day of sewing before my vacation. All that was left was to sew the skirt seams and attach the bodice to the skirt. Simple enough. The plan was to serge the seams like I had done so many times before on my prehistoric, Baby lock serger!

But this time, it wasn’t havin it! I did the old Fred Flintstone yabba dabba doo move (I’m sure I’m telling my age here!) to my fabric store, past the clearance section where you would usually find me to the far corner of the store where the old repair man waits on poor frantic and deparate customers like me! My request was simple..can you fix it and return it to me by this afternoon? I’m pretty sure he said yes or maybe that was just the cash register singing chaching as it waited for my money! Long story less long and $50 later, I get it home and it still wasn’t working properly. Now, I’m pissed and their closed and I had plans for me and this dress to board a plane at 7am the next morning! New plan: sew and zig zag the seams on my sewing  machine, like the old days! It decides it wants to give me grief too! &%$@, both of my beloveds are working against me!  Like wayward children not wanting me to leave!  Nothing left to do but run to my Mothers’ house across town at 7pm to finish my dress! Thank goodness for a mom that sews! Finally, got it done!  All that’s left to do is START packing for myself and my two boys!


Me and the dress from hell enjoying some much needed Florida sunshine


One thought on “Murphy’s Law:

  1. Oh what beautiful fabric! I can see why you were so determined to complete it. It looks great!

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